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One stop Private treatment:
Expert Assessment &
Ultrasound guided injection

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  • Most shoulder, elbow & hand pain resolves without the need for surgery if treated early.

  • Ultra Sound Scan to screen soft tissues and accurately diagnose area of pain generation. 

  • Ultra Sound guided Cortisone injection to accurately target the area causing pain.

  • Quicker recovery and pain relief to start rehabilitation. 

  • Working together with your physiotherapist for an individualised treatment program.

Frequently asked questions??

What is a steroid? 
Steroids are a manmade version of hormones normally produced by the body.


What does it do ? 
When injected into a joint or bursa, steroids reduce pain and swelling (inflammation) in the area. This helps relieve pain and stiffness.

What do I expect after the injection?
A steroid injection also contains local anaesthetic. When injected into the area causing pain you should feel relief of symptoms within a few minutes. The steroid will take a longer time to work usually within 5-7 days. A single injection in conjunction with physiotherapy may be all that is needed. A small proportion of patients have persistent symptoms and require surgery.


Can a I have repeated cortisone/ steroid injections?


Generally repeated injections are not advised to increased side effects and diminishing benefits. In my practice 2 steroid maximum a year is safe.

What are the side effects?
A steroid injection is very safe. Generally it a single shot is given and targeted to a specific area to minimise risks.


  • Infection. Less than 1/5000

  • Allergic reactions. Rare usually due to local anesthetic.

  • Local bleeding.

  • Rupture of a tendon. Less than 1/3000

  • Flare up 

  • Skin discoloration.

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