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Medicolegal Reporting Terms & Conditions


These are the guidelines under which I agree to undertake medico-legal work on your behalf.

1. You must provide us with the full Terms & Conditions document signed by you and all relevant medical records and radiographs relating to the claimant before his or her appointment with us.

2. Medical Records 2.1. Confidential Information. You agree to treat all information supplied by us as confidential and you shall not disclose or otherwise use such information except for the purposes of the specific litigation to which it relates without first obtaining our written consent. 2.2. The medical records you send us must either be high quality photocopies or on CD-ROM. Please ensure that any images such as Xrays or scans supplied on CD are compatible with current and commonly used operating systems. 2.3. Where medical records are not provided, the report will only include findings from history & clinical examination of the client. The report will explicitly state that medical records were not available for review and will therefore have its limitations. If a second appointment is deemed necessary by the instructing solicitor with review of records, this will be treated as a new instruction. 2.4. All medical records will be stored securely as per Data protection Act requirements and handled appropriately. Records which do not require to be returned to the instructing party including CDs will be destroyed after 6 months of preparing the medical report.


3. Appointment 3.1. An appointment with the claimant will only be arranged once all medical records and radiographs have been received in accordance with clause 2. An appointment will be sent to the claimant specifying the next available date on which we can see him or her. We shall email details of this appointment to you so that you can ensure their prompt attendance. You will be liable to pay a charge for non-attendance or cancellation with less than 48 hours notice.


4. Preparation of Reports 4.1. Where all medical records and radiographs have been obtained in accordance with clause 2, and it is clear that no further investigations into the claimant’s condition are required, then our medico-legal report will be despatched to you within two to four weeks of the appointment date depending on complexity of case / need for further documentation / staff holidays.

5. Further Investigations 5.1. Where we consider that further investigations are required, such as X-rays, CT Scan, MRI Scan, nerve conduction studies etc., then such investigations will not be undertaken until we have first obtained your approval. In order to help you decide whether to proceed with such investigations, we shall explain in writing our reasons for requiring them.


6. Fees 6.1. Our basic rates for the preparation of a medico-legal report, to include interview and examination of the client, is to be agreed before an appointment can be arranged. This is to be settled within 90 days unless agreed upon before arranging appointment. Fees are payable regardless of outcome of the case. In case of early settlement after appointment & before preparation of report, 50% of our fees are payable to cover administrative charges.


7. Communication 7.1. We prefer communication by e-mail, and we shall endeavor to answer all communications from you as soon as reasonably practicable. You should restrict use of telephone to urgent enquiries only. You should advise the claimant that, as our instructions come from you, all communications between the claimant and us should be through you. The only exception to this is where the claimant needs to cancel their appointment with us, which will need 48 hours notice; otherwise a cancellation charge may apply.

8. Instructing solicitors are responsible for giving adequate instructions and should also check that all matters are covered in the reports. Instructing solicitors shall be responsible for any claim made against Mr Patel resulting from their failure to do so.


9. The liability of Mr Patel to instructing solicitors and/ or their clients for negligence howsoever arising in respect of any loss or damage caused by an act or default of Mr Patel shall be limited to the amount received by Mr Patel  for his services.


10. Mr Patel requires at least 8 full weeks notice for court attendance and separate terms & conditions and annual leave schedule may be requested if this is anticipated. Court attendance will be charged by the half day. Please contact us for further details.

11. Non-payment of fees 11.1. Medical report ownership: We reserve the right to notify The Court, Claimant, instructing or defending solicitors, agencies withdrawal of the medical report should payment not be received in full as per agreed terms and conditions. It is asserted that any medical reports including supplementary reports / addendums/ letters to court retain the title and ownership of the author Mr Patel until full payment for such services are received under agreed terms.  11.2. In the event of non-payment we will notify The Court, Claimant, instructing or defending solicitors, and agencies withdrawal of the medical report and demand payment from any party who wish to use the report as evidence. If no response is received, we will follow standard debt recovery procedures, which will include legal costs and further expenses associated with the procedure. 


Mr Patel's  fees (unless already negotiated)  • Fee for medico-legal report : £ 275 per hour (Min 2 hours depending on complexity of case). • Fee for addendums : £ 100  • Clinic fee for physical assessment £275 (30 minutes) •Fee for DNA (<48 hrs notice) : £ 275  • Hourly rate (court/home visit) : £350 per hour / £ 1500 per half day (Hourly rate applies for home/prison visits. Court attendance is charged by the half day). • Court, home and prison visit are also subject to related expenses: full reimbursement for first-class rail travel, business class air travel, car at £1.20 mile, all sub-contracted work and all other expenses reasonably incurred or approved in writing by you.  • If the case cancels within 21 days for the appointed trial date 50 percent of the fee is payable. If the case cancels within 7 days of the appointed trial date full fee is payable.

I have read and am compliant with :

Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules and the accompanying Practice Direction

I have Read the Civil Justice Council’s 2014 advice 

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges report 2019 

Appointment available by prior arrangement at:

Circle Hospital Reading Tuesday pm

Spire Dunedin Hospital Reading Thursday am


Vishal Patel (BSc MB.BS FRCST&O MFSEM)

GMC: 6149303 

Personal Statement:

I am a triple fellowship trained Upper limb substantive Consultant (Shoulder/ Elbow and Hand/wrist surgery). I have a particular interest in sports injuries and complex upper limb trauma. I am a member of the Faculty of Sports and exercise Medicine (RCS Ed). I have completed my training in the East Midlands (South) deanery and attained my CCT in August 2017.

Employment History:


Private Shoulder Surgeon Circle Reading/ Spire Dunedin/ Harley Street Specialist Hospital- May 2022

Shoulder and elbow Upper limb consultant (Substanstive)

Royal Berkshire Hospital 1 Sep 2020 - present 


Locum Upper limb and Trauma Consultant (Part time)

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 

Andrew Sankey/ Rupen Dattani

(15 July – 22 September 2019)




Royal London Hospital

Senior Trauma Fellow- General/ Upper limb

1 July 2020 to 1 Sep  2020

Livio Di Mascio/ Adrian Carlos/ Ali Noorani/ Clair Fitzgerald


Shoulder and elbow Fellow

Guys and St Thomas Hospital

October 2019 – July 2020

Andy Richards/ Steve Corbett/ James White


Hand and Wrist Fellow

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Maxim Horwitz / Rupert Eckersley/Alice Bremner-Smith/ Kate Owers

April 2019- Nov 2019


Shoulder/ Trauma Fellow

St Georges Hospital London

Consultant Supervisor: Prof. Duncan Tennant/ Mr Yemi Pearse/ Mr Magnus Arnander

Feb 2018- Feb 2019

Nottingham Shoulder/ elbow Fellow

Circle NHS Nottingham Treatment Centre- Queens Medical Centre Campus/ Nottingham City Hospital-Complex Elbow Unit

Consultant Supervisor: Mr Ben Gooding/ Mr John Geoghan

Aug 2017- Feb 2018


Travelling/ Visiting Fellowships:


Dr Hiro Sugaya. Funabashi Orthopaedic Hospital. Centre for Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. Japan. (March 2019)


East Midlands (South) rotation

(Aug 2010 –Aug 2017) ST Registrar

Shoulder/ Knee 

Leicester General Mr H Singh/ Mr U Chatterji/ Mr R Ashford Feb 2017-Aug2018

Hip+ Knee

Northampton General Mr E Crawfurd Aug 2016-Feb 2017

Hand/ Shoulder

Leicester General Prof. Dias/ C Wildin/ L Cutler Feb 2016- Aug2016

Shoulder/ Hip+ knee Leicester General A Armstrong/ J Davison Aug 2015- Feb 2016

Shoulder/ Spine Leicester General R Pandey/ J Braybrooke Feb 2015- Aug 2015

Hip+ knee Northampton General G Mundy Aug 2014- Feb 2015

Shoulder/ Knee Kettering General D Shukla Feb 2014-Aug 2014

Trauma Leicester Royal Infirmary S Williams/ G Taylor Aug 2013- Feb 2014

Pediatrics/ Foot+Ankle Leicester Royal Infirmary A Furlong/ P Allen Feb 2013- Aug 2013

Hip+ Knee Northampton General J Auld Aug 2012- Feb 2013

Trauma Leicester Royal Infirmary J Braybrooke/ L Cutler Feb 2012- Aug 2012

Shoulder+ Hand Northampton A Jepson Aug 2011- Feb 2012

Hip + knee Kettering General S Siddiqui Feb 2010- Aug 2011

Hip + Knee Pilgrim Hospital D Raj Aug 2010- Feb 2010


Core Training Trauma +Orthopedics 

Kings Mill Hospital A Aladin/ O Meng  Apr 2010- Aug 2010

Trauma +Orthopedics Chesterfield Royal P Williams Aug 2009- Apr 2010

General Surgery Nottingham City K Rigg Apr 2009- Aug 2009

Spines Queens Medical Centre M Grevitt/ B Boschyk     Dec 2008- Apr 2009

Pediatric surgery Queens Medical Centre M Motiwale/ S Singh Aug 2008- Dec 2008

Foundation Training      

UCLH/ Basildon 2006-2008


Royal Free and University College Medical School      MB. BS (Oct 2000 – June 2006)

University College London   BSc Physiology & Pharmacology 2:1  (Oct 2002 -June 2003)

Professional qualifications

FRCS Tr & Orth (2016)   


MRCS Eng. (2009)

RCS Edin. Dip. Sports & Exercise medicine (2017) M FSEM


PG Cert. Medical Leadership, Education and research. De Montford University Leicester (Distinction)


Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety programme. Harvard University School of Public Health. USA. (2020) Professional certificate.



Jacques Du Parc Award (International)      EFORT (2013)                 Best Research presentation


ACME Peer Assisted Learning   (2006)   Medical Education UCL




Impact of neuropathic pain on outcomes of shoulder surgery. British Journal of pain – revisions

V Patel B Gooding

2 year results of the arthroscopic conjoint tendon transfer procedure for the management of failed anterior stabilisation of the shoulder JSES Int 2021

V Patel, D Tennent Early versus delayed repair of traumatic rotator cuff tears. Does timing matter on outcomes?

EJOS 2021

V Patel, a Armstrong The Outcome of Secondary Resurfacing of the Patella Following Total Knee Arthroplasty:  Results from the Trent and Wales Arthroplasty Register

Knee. 2018 Jan;25(1):146-152. doi: 10.1016/j.knee.2017.10.004. Epub 2018 Feb 1 C Thomas, V Patel, C Esler et al

Delayed presentation of a loose body in a paediatric talar neck fracture. World Journal of Orthopedics 2014 July 18; 5(3): 398-401 [PMID: 4095036]


V Patel et al Thromboprophylaxis with Dabigatran leads to an increased incidence of wound leakage and an increased length of stay after total joint replacement. Bone and Joint 2014 Jan;96-B(1):122-6.

[PMID: 24395322]


B Bloc,  V Patel et al Novel use of bone cement to aid atlanto-axial distraction of basilar invagination

Clin Neurosurg 2013 Jun;115(6):787-9 [PMID:22948190] F Cachiola, V Patel et al

The cost of MRSA screening in elective orthopaedics  (Abstract)  British journal of Surgery Vol 100 S7 Jul 2013doi/10.1002/bjs.9231 V Patel et al

Ankle fracture: Anatomy, classification and injury mechanism           

Core Surgery (Issue5 Vol 1)     Aug 2011 V Patel et al

Development of an electronic web-based software for management of colorectal target referrals

Inform Health Soc Care. 2011   Sep;36(3):117-31 [PMID: 21848449] D Raptis,…, V Patel et al


Overcoming barriers to secondary prevention in hip fracture patients: An electronic referral and management system for osteoporosis. Injury 2010 Dec; 41(12):1249-1255  [PMID:20538276] V Patel et al

Lumbar Microdiscectomy Vs Sequestrectomy/free-fragmentectomy. A longterm study of the clinical outcome

J Spinal Disord Tech. 2010 Jan 16. [PMID: 20087226] B Fakouri, V Patel et al

Development of electronic software for management of trauma patients on the  orthopaedic unit

Injury. 2009 Apr;40(4):388-96. doi: 10.1016/j.injury.2008 [PMID: 19217618] V Patel et al

Vitreous cryopreservation maintains the viscoelastic property of human vascular grafts

The Federation of American Societies for Exp   Experimental Biology Journal (FASEB J. 20,881 (2006)  [PMID 16675845] R Thakrar + V Patel et al


Clinical Evaluation of conjoint tendon transfer for shoulder stabilisation in patients with a failed bankart repair.

BESS 2019

For optimal outcome of surgery for the treatment of recalcitrant lateral epicondylitis. Is a selection criteria useful


Is there an increased risk of peri-operative complication in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea undergoing shoulder surgery? BOA 2018

Early results of conservative management of patients eligible for knee arthroplasty, with an orthotic biomechanical perturbation-based shoe yields significant clinical benefit. BOA 2018

A consultant led and delivered shoulder and elbow community triage, assessment and treatment service delivers efficient patient pathways and improves primary care referral quality. BESS 2018

Should we be offering shoulder surgery to patient with neuropathic pain? BESS 2018

High tibial Osteotomy VS Unicompartmental knee replacement 5 year outcome EMSORD 2017 

Anterior knee pain in young adults: Tibial tuberosity Trochlear groove distance, Lateral Trochlear Index and

patella height measurement have little diagnostic value EMSORD 2016

Outcome of acute versus delayed repair of traumatic rotor cuff tears SECEC-ESSSE 26th congress 2015

V Patel et al

Patient safety in hospital. National study on litigation relating to in-hospital falls BOA Congress 2015 (National)

V Patel et al

Patient satisfaction following secondary patellar resurfacing after Total Knee Arthroplasty: Results from an arthroplasty register BASK 2015

Outcome of acute versus delayed repair of traumatic rotor cuff tears   BESS 2015 (National)

Patient safety in surgery. Litigation in THR surgery. Can lessons be learnt for the NHSLA data?

EFORT/ BOA  2014 (International)


Patient safety: Audit of the WHO surgical checklist BOA 2013 V Patel et al


Elective Knee replacement related litigation in the UK: Patient safety in surgery BOA 2013 (National)

Analysis of risk factors for deep prosthetic infections following surgery for neck of femur fractures BOA 2013

Analysis of risk factors for deep prosthetic infections following surgery for neck of femur fractures EFORT 2013

We need consensus on the application of syndesmosis  screws in ankle fractures. EFORT 2013 V Patel et al

Anterior knee pain in young adults: Tibial tuberosity Trochlear groove distance, Lateral Trochlear Index and          

patella height measurement  have little diagnostic value EFORT 2013

Elective Knee replacement related litigation in the UK: Patient safety in surgery EFORT 2013  V Patel et al

Clinical outcome of Sequestrectomy v/s Microdiscectomy J Bone Joint Surg Br 2012 vol. 94-B no. SUPP XXI 141

BOA 2010

Novel use of bone cement to aid atlanto-axial distraction in basilar Invagination EFORT  2010 V Patel et al

Is there a difference in reduction of analgesic use and Improvement in sensory/motor deficits in patients following

Microdiscectomy/ sequestrectomy? EFORT  2010 V Patel et al

Evidence for the safe introduction of electronic cross-match to Reduce blood wastage in a spinal tertiary centre.

EFORT  2010 V Patel et al

Comparing clinical outcome of Sequestrectomy v/s Microdiscectomy – A 2 year retrospective study

Eurospines 2009 V Patel et al

Development of electronic software for the management of Colorectal cancer target referral patients.

14th International Symposium on Health Information Management Research ISHIMR 2009    

D Raptis,….., V Patel et al


A multidisciplinary evaluation of knowledge and opinions on the secondary prevention of hip fractures

National osteoporosis Society/ Osteoporosis International 2009:20 (S258) V Patel et al

Post Operative Feeding in Pyloromyotomy ASIT 2009   V Patel et al

An automated  in-patient approach in the identification and referral of  post-hip fragility fractures on the orthopaedic ward 13th International Symposium on Health Information Management Research ISHIMIR

V Patel et al

Usage of General surgery operative opportunities in a Tertiary Centre ASGBI 2008 D Raptis,…, V Patel et al



Audits/ Quality improvement


Development of a virtual clinic for Shoulder/ Elbow arthroplasty Guys and St Thomas Hospital 06/2020


Reducing plastic waste in plastic surgery to save the environment and save cost. Hand management Unit Chelsea and Westminster. 08/2019

Clinical governance – Introduction of a Duty of candour Sticker to improve compliance and evidence of duty of candour amongst doctors. Circle Treatment Centre- Queens Medical Centre Nottingham 01/2018


Adequacy of intracapsular fractured neck of femur fixation Audit.-Quality improvement audit.

Leicester Royal infirmary 07/04/2017

Total Hip Replacement in patients with presenting with fracture neck of femur. An audit on compliance with NICE guidelines. Leicester Royal Infirmary 16/05/2017

An audit on the effect of ePMA in peri-operative antibiotic prescription and administration

Leicester General Hospital 09/12/2016

Rate of Syndesmosis screw removal-Audit of variation in practice and subsequent change of practise

Leicester Royal Infirmary 04/04/2015

Audit of osteoporosis treatment in NOF patients Kettering General Hospital  10/06/2014                                       

Root cause analysis of in hospital NOF mortality Northampton General Hospital   04/01/2013                                

Best practice tariff NOF Northampton General Hospital 04/01/2013


Patient safety: Audit of the WHO surgical checklist Northampton General Hospital   05/11/2012                                

Quality of GP referrals/ management for shoulder pain Northampton General Hospital   05/10/2012                                                

Audit of ICP for NOF fractures Kettering General Hospital 10/06/2011


Adherence to NICE head injury guidelines Northampton General  Hospital  02/12/2011


Deep infection rates following neck of femur surgery Chesterfield Royal Hospital  26/05/2012                            

Evaluation of knowledge and opinions to the secondary prevention of fragility fractures Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital 05/06/2008


Audit of standard of medical notes keeping on Acute admissions unit University College London Hospital


Audit of standard of continuity care of patients transferred from Acute admissions Unit University College London Hospital 16/05/2007

Quality improvement activity

Service development – Development of a one stop hybrid see & treat/ virtual follow up peripheral shoulder clinic

Townlands memorial Hospital

ACJ dislocation management pathway for VFC Royal Berkshire Hospital Oct 2020


First time elbow dislocation management pathway for VFC Royal Berkshire Hospital Oct 2020


First time shoulder dislocation pathway for VFC Royal Berkshire Hospital Feb 2021


Reducing iatrogenic nerve injuries after humeral shaft fractures in ED Royal Berkshire Hospital

Sep 2021

Current Research

Portfolio Research Activity :

•White 4 Trail – Xbolt Versus DHS Ndorms. (2017)UHL

• Start React Trial for Inspace balloon (2019) GSST

• ARTISAN Study (2020) RBH

• HUSH (2021) RBH

• Infinity Lock (2022)




Professional activity

Co- founder, Editorial board member + Reviewer Journal core surgery (ISSN 20160198 123 Doc Education) Editor in chief D P Forward. (2009-2016)

Bone & Joint Journal - Shoulder and Elbow section reviewer. (2018- Current)

Shoulder & Elboe Journal – Reviwer 2021 - present

ATLS Instructor (2018-current). Royal College of Surgeons


FRCS Clinical Examination Skills --Phone App development for trainees FRCS orth App/ Thomson Orth


Basic Surgical Skills RCS Faculty

Working group for Royal College of Surgeon Leadership Passport education portfolio

Foundation year trainee lead for Orthopaedics Royal Berkshire Hospital

Society Memberships

Royal College of Surgeons of England

British Orthopaedic Association


British Shoulder and Elbow society

Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine RCS Ed


British Society for Surgery of the Hand

Educational Courses/ Conferences

BESS 2022 Manchester June 2022

SMUG MSK ultrasound conference 9/06/2021

SMUG Shoulder Ultrasound course Wrightington 18/06/2021

London shoulder meeting 09/2020

Elbow trauma debate Orthopaedic research UK 28/05/2020

London Hand Meeting Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 2/7/2019

British Shoulder and Elbow Society 2019 Harrogate 19-21/06/2019

London Shoulder Meeting Orthopaedic research UK 17/05/2019

19th Leicester Upper limb trauma symposium -Elbow Leicester Orthopaedics 03/05/2019

Innovation, simulation & education  BOA 27/09/2018

Research methodology and key facets that underpin successful publishing  BJJ/ BOA 26/09/2018

Medicolegal aspects of Trauma BOA 25/08/2018

BOA Congress Birmingham 25-27/09/2018

Cadaveric superior capsular reconstruction lab/ stabilisation Arthrex 17/09/2018

British Shoulder and Elbow Society 2018 SECC Glasgow 20-22/06/2018

London Shoulder Meeting UCL 18 May 2018

Wrightington Shoulder Tips and Tricks course Wrightington Hospital 15/16/03/2018

East Midlands Elbow arthroplasty user group meeting East midlands Airport- Radisson Hotel 28/11/2017

Expect more in sports medicine Portugal 23-24/11/2017

Smith and Nephew Shoulder/ knee arthroscopy Lab Watford 10/07/2017

Arthroscopic skills in Shoulder/knee surgery Arthex Munich 05-06/07/2016

Leicester shoulder Symposium  7th University of Leicester 22/04/2016

Chesterfield FRCS clinical skills course Chesterfield Royal Hospital 10-11/10/2015

BOA Congress Liverpool 15-18/09/2015

BESS Sheffield 24-26/06/2015

Postgraduate orthopaedics FRCS course Northumbria university 16-21/03/2015

Cadaveric Shoulder arthroscopic skills course  cuff/ instability Con Med Frankfurt 16-17/06/2014

EFFORT 15th London 4-6/06/2014

Leicester shoulder Symposium  6th University of Leicester 10/10/2014

Sports injuries and sports orthopaedics RSM 09/01/2014

London Hip meeting QE II Conference centre 10/04/2014

British Limb reconstruction society Leicester 22/03/2013

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)

Norfolk & Norwich/ Leicester 21/08/2012 31/11/2017     

Trauma Study Day Coventry Queen Elizabeth Hospital 10/10/12

ArthroLondon Excel London 29/09/12              

Leicester shoulder symposium - 5th University of Leicester 20/04/2012

Orthofix principles of ex-fix course Verona Italy 28-30/05/2012

Watanabe shoulder arthroscopy course Brighton & Sussex Medical School 21/03/2012

BOTA Coventry 2012

Leicester Hand fracture Management course  Leicester Tigers Stadium 14-15/11/2011                                             

Cadaveric ACL reconstruction course -Mitek St Georges Hospital 12/05/2011

Upper limb trauma cadaveric course Depuy   Coventry 13/14/04/2011

Leicester Shoulder Symposium  -4th University of Leicester 01/04/2011

Lower limb arthroplasty course Zimmer Cambridge 10/11/03/2011

SPSS statistics University Leicester Hospitals 20/12/2010

Hip & Knee arthroplasty -principles Derby City General Hospital 7-8/10/2010

Surgical approached to Upper/ lower limb RCS Eng 9-10/11/2009

AO Principles course in operative Orthopaedics University of Leeds 29/06-2/07/2009  

CCRISP Queens Medical Centre Nottingham 27/10/2008

Basic Surgical Skills Nottingham City Hospital 17/12/2008

Core skills in trauma and orthopaedic Surgery RCS Eng 3-5/11/2008

Teaching and Training

Anatomy demonstrating Nottingham Medical School 2009/10

Anatomy demonstrating Leicester medical school  dissection room 05/03/2012, 09/08/2013, 28/10/2013

Supervising and Assessing Trainees in Surgery (Training)  Leicester Royal Infirmary 24/10/2011

TARMS Trauma assessment & resuscitation –Training final year Medical students Leicester Medical School- Education Centre April 2016

Train the trainer HEEM 19/09/2016

East Midlands Deanery Mock FRCS viva and clinical Examiner Leicester General Hospital

Oct 2016/ May 2017

ATLS Instructor Course RCS Eng April 2018

Smith and Nephew Advanced Shoulder arthroscopy Course- for consultants- Faculty assistant

Nottingham 09-10/10/2017

Lockdown ACJ stabilisation –Live surgery course for consultants –Faculty assistant

Nottingham 06/11/2017

FRCS Clinical Examination Skills --Phone App development for trainees

FRCS orth App/ Thomson Orth 2018

St Georges Medical School Honorary clinical lecturer St Georges Medical School 2018-2019

BJJ Shoulder section reviewer Bone and Joint Journal Current

London Hand Meeting- Co- organiser Chelsea and Westminster Hospital 2/7/2019

Faculty member for basic surgical skills course RCS Eng Guys and St Thomas hospital 03/2020

Physician Associate teaching Reading University 14/01/2021

Oxford University Medical student orthopaedic teaching lead Royal Berkshire Hospital 21/01/2021

Core trainee ST3 interview mock RBH 18/03/2021

Management & Leadership  

Management and leadership Mastering medical adverse outcomes  (MPS) Leicester General 28/10/2011    

Management and leadership training (Warwick) Kings Mill Hospital 05/11/2012

Managing your risk  (MPS) Leicester General Hospital 28/11/2012

Mastering professional interactions  (MPS) Leicester General 19/02/2013

Leadership and Management Program- Putting theory into practice HEEM 14/06/2016

Leadership and Management Program- Demystifying NHS finance HEEM 17/03/2017

Leadership and Management Program-Being a Leader HEEM 17/03/2017

Preparing to be a consultant HEEM 28/02/2017

Conflict resolution – NHS Syllabus Compact Learning 20/09/2017

Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (Human Factors/Safety and Teamwork) RCS Ed / BOA 28/09/2018

NHS Project Management and Change Academy Health Education England 06- 07 /2020

Service development Leadership and management for clinicians -eLFH 26/06/2020

Coaching Skills Management & Leadership skills eLFH 22/07/2020

Performance management Management & Leadership skills eLFH 22/07/2020

Decision effectiveness Management skills eLFH 23/07/2020

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